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Do you care about the security of your home in a very sophisticated way then you have to purchase Intercom devices From El Boudy Group.


• The El Boudy Group's intercom systems have proved their worth in protecting many homes and villas from thieves and burglars.

• Where you can hear and see all who wants to visit you or learn who is the thief and who is the friend.

• Intercom El Boudy Group has the ability to call property guard in case you suspect anyone who snoops on you.


All information and types of intercom devices From El Boudy Group will know here: -


Intercom is a continuous communication system that is used inside buildings, apartments and companies to communicate between individuals, where they are connected to their dedicated control devices in the gates of buildings and entrances in general.


Types of intercom systems offered by El Boudy Group: -


Voice Intercom:

A device dedicated to voice communication The most important feature of this device is the possibility of communicating with the real estate custodian directly and reform this system for more than one apartment.


Video Intercom:

It is one of the types of intercom and with easy installation, operation and maintenance that we offer.

The best types of residential interiors for companies, villas and high-rise residential towers, which are characterized by its large capacity ranging from 4 to 96 apartments in one property, in addition to clarity of sound and vision in this distinctive system.

It is the best way to protect against thefts and looting that occurs. It gives a very high security and protection rate that allows the consumer to see the caller directly.



We also have other collective systems at more than 100 lines per property, with periodic maintenance and follow-up of our customers to provide the best and highest service.


Features of intercom devices:


Intercom devices provide many functions that allow people to communicate with one another.

El Boudy Group is characterized by providing intercom devices with many advantages including that it has the cheapest prices in the intercom market.

The experience of its great workers and technicians that did not come from a vacuum.

It has all audio and video intercom devices and all other types.

So take the opportunity and contact us to get the best products at the cheapest prices.

It has recently appeared in the intercom business video intercoms with very sophisticated configurations.

And received by many individuals as they saw that they meet all their tastes and requirements.


The most prominent features of video intercom devices and the most important characteristics and characteristics


• Video intercoms are among the latest forms of intercom, which have many possibilities.

• With distinctive metal panels, wonderful screens and a camera that shows the individual with high quality video as well as high sound quality.

• It also has other possibilities in addition to the adapter, where the individual can control the opening of doors through the internal speakers.


There are also individual intercoms that allow one or two apartments to be serviced. They are equipped with sophisticated metal plates, excellent displays, and cameras that bring the picture with the best quality, with the possibility of opening the door automatically.


There is a larger type and more capacity and tolerance, which is known as intercoms collectively, the capacity of more than 100 lines, characterized by the presence of panels and screens and cameras distinct, with the possibility of installing video and visual intercom.


And many kinds of intercom devices owned by the company and provide them with the best facilities for all its customers.


Contact us to get the intercom devices in your imagination and agree to your taste, and do not worry about the prices with us you will find the price you are looking for.


If you are looking for video or audio intercom systems or individual or collective systems or any other type, do not worry that our company El Boudy Group provides you with all the unique capabilities that exist only in our company.


Buy intercom devices, whether audio, video, individual or group, to make it easier for you to communicate with your home visitors.


Enjoy the intercom equipment inside your home to protect you, and bring all the factors of comfort and safety at a price you will not meet better than our company, which offers to all customers and keen to provide everything they look forward to the latest form.


Contact us to tell us which type of intercom you want. If you want to voice intercom,video intercom, individual or group with others, all the quality you want contact us to get what you want.

Contact us and you can ask all your questions.


Intercom group sound and image at the lowest prices

We are pleased at the company El Boudy Group to provide the best offers of intercom audio and video at the lowest prices and different lines on demand

We have special offers for wholesale and residential complexes

We have the best types and many advantages: - Ensure the confidentiality of conversations - Use smart card to open the door - Open the door with remote control - spare parts for free throughout the warranty period

Egyptian industry with the highest standards of quality and specifications of Italian (Implevox - Asht)

Easy to connect (via 2 wire tip with 60% saving of wires)

Intercom El Boudy Group holds ISO 9001 and 18001 certification


The voice intercom of the El Boudy Group is equipped with a door opening and a real estate security call consisting of:


Main board - Speaker on the number of flats - Power supply - Power Lock -  Electric Door Lock and the best prices for intercom in the market


The visual range of intercoms from El Boudy Group is equipped with an excellent external camera with a night vision feature - 6 years warranty

We also have at El Boudy Group to connect, install and maintain intercoms in all governorates in Egypt

We have the best offer and lowest prices in Egypt

We have a visual intercom with a camera to see from the door and voice

We have several intercom for each apartment you can contact the guard or gatekeeper and also to open the door

We have integrated voice intercom systems for one or two apartments or more including the board, switch and intercom kit with the possibility of opening the door and the possibility of installing additional voice sets