1. Boudy Group specializing in the manufacture of audio and video intercom and has a registered trademark. The factory is the only factory in the Middle East, which manufactures intercom. As a result of great effort, our factory got the certificate of ISO 9001 and 18001. We are now exporting to many countries in Africa and Arabian Gulf. We are always keen to provide the highest levels of performance as well as the best international Quality standards. Producing audio, visual & digital (audio-visual) intercoms, internal communication (switchboards) with Italian specifications. Free spare parts for 2 years. Contact security discreetly, contact neighbors discreetly, elevator call, open electronic gates, stair lights & LED panel to locate malfunctions.
  2. Boudy Group is one of the largest authorized agents & service centers for Unionaire Group in Alexandria.
  3. Boudy Group is also working on finding the best possible solutions in the field of real estate


  • CEO, Eng. Mohamed Al-Boudy
    The company began manufacturing in intercom industrialization. We used to import intercom from various international brands. After the European Union we faced a lot of difficulties so we decided to start manufacturing our own product and have the bragging rights of saying "Made In Egypt". We are focusing on upgrading our products in order to suite our expectations to start our next level in exporting and reach a whole new level in our company.